Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Suuuurrrreeeee you do…

Most days (over 95%) I work out of the office. But every now and then, about once a month or less, I work from home. Stop that. I actually do WORK from home. Big Bro, shut it.

When I don’t have a steady diet of it, like doing 100% of the time, I find that I can get more things done. It’s quieter…or, noisier if it’s a good song, and there are less distractions. No telephone constantly ringing, no e-mails to answer unless I want to, it’s nice. Because I am at home, I’m more concentrated on the task at hand without all the distraction. I can get the task done faster than in the office which means, I get “home” faster. I am done for the day after completing a difficult task in less than a day.Now, if I work from home 100% of the time, I start doing the math and I start getting in trouble:
Lessee here, I worked 2.5 days kinda hard at home, that MUST equal 4 full days in the office, right? It should, right? I’ve got some calls and e-mails to return, but c’mon! I still got 2.5 days to do that! Is there anything critical in them? No!? Hello Mr. Calloway! Time to grab the sticks and hit the fairway, baby!

This would be why I don’t work from home 100% anymore.
No one found out because after all, the work was getting done and it was done on time. But I felt a bit, guilty. I couldn’t handle it. There were times when I did nothing but watch TV, make a few phone calls and called it a day. They PAID me to do this?? Well no, not really, they didn’t. But they were and they didn’t know it. If they had found out that they were paying me to do that I suspected that they wouldn’t have been paying me for very much longer. So when I felt GUILTY, instead of just guilty, I quit my ‘dream’ job and took another job that required more office time. That was good. That worked. Now I got more accomplished at home and got ahead in the office. Best part, no guilt.

Now I’ve got a job that requires more time, in the office and on the road, than I ever thought I would give a job. There’s the commute (2 hrs, each way = 4hrs/day), there’s the office time (9-13 hours, depending) and suddenly, I’m wondering how much sleep I’ll be getting that night. So when I get the chance to work from home, whoo boy, I work. No commute, work gets done faster, eat a comfy lunch, get a little ahead AND I get to spend more time with My Girl. Sometimes, she even WANTS me to do this! Can you believe it?! It’s a win-win!Why am I telling you this now? ‘Cause tomorrow, I’m workin’ from home, baby! WooHOO!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You DO NOT work. I know better. And since when do I SHUT UP when you tell me to. Hmmmmmm. NEVER. Love ya

Friday, June 02, 2006 4:47:00 PM  

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